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Lentiviral Concentration & Precipitation - PEG-it™

Lentiviral Concentration & Precipitation - PEG-it™

Cambridge Bioscience offers an effective and easy-to-use reagent for highly efficient viral concentration. Increasing viral particle concentrations up to 100-fold, the sterile PEG-it™ virus precipitation solution requires no special equipment and is ready for use in cell culture.

Benefits of Using PEG-it™
• Easy-to-use
• Highly effective
• 10- to 100-fold lentiviral particle concentration
• Non-toxic reagents - safe for use with all target cell lines tested, including ES cells
• No special equipment required
• No accumulation of cellular debris
• Ideal for concentrating virus from large volumes
• Sterile & ready for use in cell culture
• Couple precipitated virus with TransDux™ for high infectivity

PEG-it™ Virus Precipitation Solution Workflow

PEG-it™ Virus Precipitation Solution Workflow


PEG-it™ Can Concentrate Viral Particles Up To 100-Fold
PEG-it™ virus precipitation solution is mixed with virus-containing cell culture supernatant, incubated at 4°C overnight & centrifuged at 1500 × g to pellet precipitated viral particles. As a result, viral particle concentrations are increased 10- to 100-fold.
PEG-it™ Virus Precipitation Solution Citation List

Material Available for Download

PEG-it™ Virus Precipitation Solution Flyer
PEG-it™ Virus Precipitation Solution Manual


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