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Pluripotency verification kit

Pluripotency verification kit

The iPS verification kit from SBI contains four affinity purified, validated antibodies to detect the human pluripotent stem cell markers, Oct4, Nanog, SSEA-3 and TRA-1-60 and an alkaline phosphotase red staining kit.

Validated Pluripotent Stem Cell Antibodies

AP red staining kit
The AP red staining kit is for use on both cells grown in tissue culture wells or cells grown in dishes. This kit can be used to discriminate between undifferentiated and differentiated cells with AP-positive, undifferentiated stem cells staining red. Find out more about the AP staining kits. 

Cells stained using AP red staining kit

Material available for download
Human ES/iPS Cell Characterisation Kits manual


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