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CF™620R: A Bright & Photostable Far Red Dye

CF™620R: A Bright & Photostable Far Red Dye

Cambridge Bioscience offers a far-red, rhodamine-based, highly fluorescent and extremely photostable fluorescent dye. With its absorption and emission maxima centered at 617 and 639 nm, CF™620R may be used as an excellent energy acceptor in fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET), or in multi-colour detection applications where the excitation and emission windows can be matched with the spectral profiles of the dye for maximal fluorescence collection. The exceptional water solubility of the dye facilitates bioconjugation in aqueous media and better preserves the biological specificity of the conjugates.

CF™620R Technical Details
• 617/639 nm Abs/Em Maxima
• 15,000 Extinction Coefficient
• ~ 738 Molecular Weight
• 633 nm or 635 nm Excitation Laser Line
• Direct Replacement For LightCycler® Red 640

CF™ Dye Citation List

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