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CF™568: Outshines Alexa Fluor®568

CF™568: Outshines Alexa Fluor®568

Cambridge Bioscience offers an extremely photostable and highly water-soluble red fluorescent dye. CF™568 antibody conjugates are far brighter than those of Alexa Fluor®568. Furthermore CF™568 is more photostable than Alexa Fluor®568, which makes CF™568 a superior choice for demaning applications like confocal microscopy and single molecule imaging.

CF™568 Technical Details
• 562/583 nm Abs/Em maxima
• 100,000 extinction coefficient
• ~ 714 molecular weight
• 532 nm or 568 nm excitation laser line
• Direct replacement for Alexa Fluor® 568, ATTO 565 & Rhodamine Red

Benefits Of Using CF™568
• Extremely photostable
• Highly water-soluble

Fluorescence Intensity Comparison

CF568Intracellular staining of Jurkat cells was performed using mouse anti-CD3 or isotype control followed by goat anti-mouse IgG conjugates. Fluorescence was analyzed on a BD FACSCalibur flow cytometer in the FL2 channel. Bars represent the relative fluorescence of the geometric means of the cell populations.

Photostability Comparison
CF568 2Photostability of CF™568 and Alexa Fluor® 568 (AF568) streptavidin conjugates. Intracellular staining of Jurkat cells was performed using anti-CD3-biotin followed by streptavidin-CF568 or streptavidin-AF568. Cells were continuously exposed to mercury arc lamp microscope excitation with a Cy™3 filter set. Images were captured every 15 seconds for 5 minutes and fluorescence intensity was normalized to time 0.

CF™568 Formats Available
• CF™ Dye Labelled Secondary Antibodies
• Conjugates
• Mix-n-Stain™ CF™ Dye Antibody Labelling Kits - to find out more, please Click Here

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