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CF™405M: Superior Photosensitivity

CF™405M: Superior Photosensitivity

Cambridge Bioscience offers a blue fluorescent dye is as bright as Pacific Blue® but offers far greater photostability. In addition the emission spectrum of CF™405M is much narrower reducing bleed-through into the green channel.

CF™405M Technical Details
• 408/452 nm Abs/Em maxima
• 41,000 extinction coefficient
• ~ 503 molecular weight
• 405 nm excitation laser line
• Direct replacement for Pacific Blue® & BD Horizon™ V450

Benefits Of Using CF™405M
• More photostable than Pacific Blue® dye
• Highly water-soluble
• As bright as Pacific Blue® dye in the 450/50 blue channel while having less spillover in the 525/50 green channel
CF405M 2

CF™405M Formats Available
Labelled Secondary Antibodies - to find out more, please Click Here
• Mix-n-Stain™ CF™ Dye Antibody Labelling Kits - to find out more, please Click Here

CF™ Dye Citation List

Pacific Blue® is a registered trademark of Invitrogen
BD Horizon™ is a trademark of Becton, Dickinson and Company


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