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ExoAbs exosome antibodies

ExoAbs exosome antibodies
The ExoAbs exosome antibodies and antibody kits from System Biosciences are for use in western blot and for the confirmation of exosome recoveries. This collection includes antibodies to the following four identified exosome markers:
• CD63 (rabbit anti-hCD63)
• CD9 (rabbit anti-hCD9)
• CD81 (rabbit anti-hCD81)
• Hsp70 (rabbit anti-hHsp70)

Exosome antibody sampler kit
The exosome antibody sampler kit also includes a goat anti-Rabbit IgG HRP conjugated secondary antibody specifically tested for use in exosomal protein analysis. These antibodies and kits are fully compatible with exosomes isolated by SBI's ExoQuick or ExoQuick-TC as well as ultracentrifugation methods.


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