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Fixable & Non-Fixable Neuronal Terminal Dyes
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Fixable/nonfixable neuronal dyes - SynaptoGreen™ & SynaptoRed™

Fixable/nonfixable neuronal dyes - SynaptoGreen™ & SynaptoRed™

Biotium's neuronal terminal dyes can be used simultaneously for the independent imaging of vesicles localised at neuromuscular junctions and synapses. Offered as individual products or in self-contained nerve terminal staining kits, SynaptoGreen™ and SynaptoRed™ provide different staining “on” rates and destaining “off” rates based on the length of the lipophilic carbon chain and charged group substitutions. These dyes are available with different water solubility and staining characteristics.

SynaptoGreen C4
SynaptoGreen C4

SynaptoGreen™ C4 chemical structure

SynaptoGreen™ probes contain a single double bond as shown below. The carbon number following the name SynaptoGreen™ designates the length of the lipophilic tail.

Synaptogreen C4

SynaptoRed™ C2 chemical structure
SynaptoRed™ probes contain three double bonds as shown below. The carbon number following the name SynaptoRed™ designates the length of the lipophilic tail.SynaptoRed C2

Fixable nerve terminal dyes
We also offer a range of fixable nerve terminal dyes known as the AM dyes. Based on SynaptoRed™ and SynaptoGreen™, these dyes have an additional formaldehyde-fixable amino group attached to the positively-charged head group of the dyes. AM2-10, AM1-43 and AM1-44 are derivatives of SynaptoGreen™ with relatively shorter wavelengths and AM4-64 and AM4-65 are derivatives of SynaptoRed™ with relatively longer wavelengths.

Nerve Terminal Staining Kits
The SynaptoGreen™ and SynaptoRed™ dyes are offered within a portfolio of nerve terminal staining kits. These kits contain various combinations of SynaptoGreen™, SynaptoRed™, ADVASEP-7, AM1-43, SCAS and sulforhodamine 101.
ADVASEP-7 is a sulfonated b-cyclodextrin derivative that has been reported to reduce background fluorescence when using SynaptoGreen™ C4 to stain brain slices.
AM1-43 is a fixable, activity-dependent fluorescent nerve terminal probe. Functioning in a similar way to SynaptoGreen™, it is also fixable. This makes it a useful tool for studying synapses where subsequent fluorescent immunochemistry is desired. Both AM1-43 and FM1-43® have identical excitation and emission wavelengths.
SCAS is a quencher designed to reduce background fluorescence when using either SynaptoGreen™, SynaptoRed™ or the fixable AM dyes. Unlike ADVASEP-7, SCAS dramatically lowers background fluorescence as soon as it is added to the preparation without the need for repeated washings.
Sulforhodamine 101
Sulforhodamine 101 has been primarily used as a polar tracer for the study of neuronal cell morphology and cell-cell communications. It also has a potential use in cancer drug screening.

Nerve Terminal Staining Kit contents
1. Nerve Terminal Staining Kit I
• 5 x 1 mg SynaptoGreen™ C4
• 250 mg ADVASEP-7

2. Nerve Terminal Staining Kit IIA
• 1mg AM1-43
• 100 mg ADVASEP-7

3. Nerve Terminal Staining Kit IIB
• 1mg AM1-43
• 100 mg SCAS

4. Nerve Terminal Staining Kit III
• 5 x 1 mg SynaptoGreen™ C4
• 100 mg Sulforhodamine 101

5. Nerve Terminal Staining Kit V
• 5 x 1 mg SynaptoRed™ C2
• 250 mg ADVASEP-7

6. Nerve Terminal Staining Kit VI
• 5 x 1 mg SynaptoRed™ C2
• 100 mg Sulforhodamine 101

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