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Sensitive Lumitein™ for SDS-PAGE Protein Detection

Sensitive Lumitein™ for SDS-PAGE Protein Detection

Cambridge Bioscience offers a more sensitive alternative to Coomassie for SDS-PAGE detection. With a 30 minutes standard staining protocol, Lumitein™  combines superior sensitivity, staining speed, ease of use and compatibility. Lumitein™ is compatible with downstream protein analyses such as mass spectrometry and Edman peptide sequencing.

Benefits of Using Lumitein™
• 1 ng or less protein is able to be detected 
• 30 minute standard protocol
• 90 minute ultra-sensitive staining protocols
• One step fixation & staining
• No de-staining
• Highly stable solution
• UV-boxes, dark readers and laser scanner compatible

Lumitein vs. Coomassie


PAGE gels containing electrophoretically separated protein marker (loaded in two-fold serial dilution from left to right) were stained with Lumitein™ total protein gel stain (left) and Coomassie Blue (right) respectively. Lumitein™-stained gel was imaged using a UV box equipped with EtBr filter (UVP) while the Coomassie-stained gel was imaged using a white light converter (UVP).

Material Available for Download
Lumitein™ Protein Gel Stain Flyer
Lumitein™ Protocol


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