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Simple & Efficient Bisulphite Conversion - EZ DNA Methylation-Gold™

Simple & Efficient Bisulphite Conversion - EZ DNA Methylation-Gold™

Cambridge Bioscience offers the EZ DNA Methylation-Gold™ kit for complete bisulphite conversion of GC rich DNA in less than 3 hours. Using an innovative in-column desulphonation technology and integrating denaturation and bisulphite conversion into a single-step, this kit eliminates cumbersome precipitations, reduces template degradation and minimises DNA loss during treatment and clean-up, whilst ensuring complete, high efficiency DNA conversion.

Benefits of Using EZ DNA Methylation-Gold™EZ DNA Methylation Gold Kit
• > 99% conversion efficiency
• > 75% ultra-pure DNA recovery
• < 3 hour processing time
• Simple protocol
• No DNA precipitation
• Compatible with plasmid, genomic & endonuclease digested DNAs
• Compatible with most downstream applications
• Most cited range in the industry for bisulphite conversion of methylated DNA

“This protocol allows for bisulfite conversion in about 3 hours. This fast conversion is particularly relevant to our experiments, which allows us to PCR amplify and clone the products in 1 day, saving time without loss of quality.”
Joseph M. (Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute)

“It works better than competitor's kits, with a much quicker protocol.”
Esteban C. 

The purified, converted DNA produced by the EZ DNA Methylation-Gold™ kit is suitable for:
• PCR amplification
• Endonuclease digestion
• Sequencing
• Microarray analysis

Material Available For Download
• EZ DNA Methylation Gold™ Protocol
• EZ DNA Methylation Gold™ Data Sheet

EZ DNA Methylation Gold™ Citation List


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