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Tough-To-Lyse Sample Genomic DNA Purification

Tough-To-Lyse Sample Genomic DNA Purification

Cambridge Bioscience offers a range of kits for the simple and rapid isolation of PCR-quality DNA from tough-to-lyse samples. Using ultra-high density BashingBeads™ and Fast-Spin technology, isolate PCR inhibitor-free DNA without the need for organic denaturants or proteinases, in minutes.

Benefits of Using the Tough-To-Lyse Sample DNA Purification Kits
• Simple protocols
• Efficient DNA isolation
• PCR inhibitor-free DNA produced
• Wide sample compatibility
• Ultra-high density BashingBeads™ included

Tough-To-Lyse Sample DNA Purification Kits
The following DNA purification kits are available:

Xpedition™ Sample Preparation Kits
We also offer the Xpedition™ sample preparation kits from Zymo Research for quick and easy DNA isolation from samples away from the bench. Using a unique lysis/stabilisation solution for effective DNA preservation in lysates for subsequent storage and transport, researcher's can go on to isolate inhibitor-free DNA from the lysates at a convenient time using the Fast-Spin column technology included with these kits.

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The TerraLyzer™ instrument is ideal for the lysis of microbes in soil, sediment, sludge and faecal samples and can effectively process tough-to-lyse fungal, algal, plant and animal tissues. Ideal for use in remote locations and in most weather conditions, tough-to-lyse samples can be collected, processed and preserved immediately when used together with the Xpedition™ preservation kits.

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