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HDAC Activity & Cell-Based Assays Kits

HDAC Activity & Cell-Based Assays Kits

Cambridge Bioscience offers assay kits for the complete and definitive analysis of nuclear and cytoplasmic HDAC activity.

HDAC Activity Assay Kit (CAY10011563)
The HDAC activity assay kit offers a fast, fluorescence-based method for the measurement of Class I and II HDAC activity from nuclear extracts, eliminating the need for radioactivity, extraction and chromatography. The procedure is completed in two simple steps performed in the same microplate.

HDAC Cell-Based Assay Kit (CAY600150)
The HDAC cell-based assay kit provides a convenient tool for the study of Class I and II HDAC activity modulators in whole cells. Trichostatin A, an HDAC inhibitor is included to check the specificity of the HDAC reaction.

Benefits of Using the HDAC Cell-Based Assay & Activity Kits
• Simple protocols
• Complete analysis of compound effects on HDAC enzymes
• Class I and II total HDAC activity measured
• HDAC inhibitor included in cell-based Assay Kit

Inhibition of HDAC Activity by SAHA

Inhibition of HDAC activity by SAHA at different concentrations measured by the HDAC cell-based assay kit (CAY600150)

Material Available For Download
HDAC Activity Assay Kit Protocol
HDAC Cell-Based Activity Assay Kit Protocol


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