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Transgenesis in one transfection - PiggyBac™

Transgenesis in one transfection - PiggyBac™

System Biosciences' transposon vector system includes a large portfolio of PiggyBac™ transposon vectors and PiggyBac™ transposase expression vectors. In just one simple transfection, achieve instant, reversible and inducible transgenesis in numerous animal species.

Benefits of using the PiggyBac™ transposon vector system
• Cost-effective
• Highly efficient nonviral gene delivery
• High transposition efficiency and activity
• Transgenic cell lines in one transfection
• Reversible transposition - no footprint
• Single or multiple integrations from a single transfection enabled
• No cargo limit - integrate 10-100kb
• Suitable for use in human, mouse and rat cells

About the PiggyBac™ transposon
The TTAA-specific transposon PiggyBac™ is a mobile genetic element that efficiently transposes between vectors and chromosomes via a "cut and paste" mechanism. During transposition, the PiggyBac™ transposase recognises transposon-specific inverted terminal repeat sequences (ITRs) located on both ends of the transposon vector and efficiently moves the contents from the original sites and efficiently integrates them into TTAA chromosomal sites. This feature enables genes to be easily and efficiently mobilised into target genomes.

Cut and paste integration using a single transfection


The PiggyBac™ transposon vectors are available in a number of formats:
• Single Promoter - GFP, RFP and Neo
• Dual Promoter - Puro, GFP, RFP, GFP+Puro or RFP+Puro
• shRNA Vectors - CMV or EF1alpha promoters express the GFP+Puro dual markers
• The PiggyBac™ all-in-one inducible vector requires the cumate solution for induction

PiggyBac™ licensing agreements
Prior to any purchase, customers must agree to the terms of the PiggBac™ agreements set out by SBI. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Material available for download
PiggyBac™ Transposon Vector System Product Sheet
PiggyBac™ Transposon Vector System User Manual

PiggyBac™ citation list


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