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Cell Transformation Assays With No Manual Cell Counting
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Cell Invasion Quantification Without Manual Counting - CytoSelect™

Cell Invasion Quantification Without Manual Counting - CytoSelect™

Cambridge Bioscience offers the CytoSelect™ cell invasion assays for the quantification of the invasive properties of tumour cells without manual cell counting. This range includes basement membrane, collagen I and laminin covered inserts, 24 or 96 well formats and fluorometric and colourimetric detection methods.

Benefits of Using CytoSelect™ Invasion Assays
• Full cell invasion quantification
• No manual cell counting
• Simple, robust process
• Fast results
• Pre-coated inserts options - basement membrane, collagen I or laminin
• Colourimetric & fluorometric options
• 24 well & 96 well formats

Assay Principle
These assays contain polycarbonate membrane inserts (8 μm pore size) in either 24-well or 96 well plates. The insert membrane upper surface is coated with a layer of dried murine laminin I matrix, bovine type I collagen matrix or basement membrane matrix solution. Invasive cells degrade the matrix proteins in the layer passing through the pores. Non-invasive cells are removed and invaded cells are stained and quantified.

CytoSelect Cel Invasion
Cell Migration & Invasion Combo Kits
We also offer the CytoSelect™ Cell Migration & Invasion Combo Kits for the quantification of both invasive and migratory properties of cells.

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