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2D Gap Closure Cell Migration Assay
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Cell invasion quantification without manual counting - CytoSelect™

Cell invasion quantification without manual counting - CytoSelect™

The CytoSelect™ cell invasion assays enable the quantification of the invasive properties of tumour cells without manual cell counting. This range includes basement membrane, collagen I and laminin covered inserts, 24 or 96 well formats and fluorometric and colourimetric detection methods.

Benefits of using CytoSelect™ invasion assays
• Full cell invasion quantification
• No manual cell counting
• Simple, robust process
• Fast results
• Precoated inserts options - basement membrane, collagen I or laminin
• Colourimetric and fluorometric options
• 24 well and 96 well formats

Assay principle
These assays contain polycarbonate membrane inserts (8 μm pore size) in either 24-well or 96 well plates. The insert membrane upper surface is coated with a layer of dried murine laminin I matrix, bovine type I collagen matrix or basement membrane matrix solution. Invasive cells degrade the matrix proteins in the layer passing through the pores. Noninvasive cells are removed and invaded cells are stained and quantified.

CytoSelect Cel Invasion
Cell Migration and Invasion Combo Kits
We also offer the CytoSelect™ Cell Migration and Invasion Combo Kits for the quantification of both invasive and migratory properties of cells.

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