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GelGreen® nucleic acid stain

GelGreen® nucleic acid stain

GelGreen® is a safe, highly sensitive, stable and environmentally safe green fluorescent nucleic acid stain. Designed as a safer and exceptionally stable alternative to SYBR® Green I for staining dsDNA, ssDNA or RNA in agarose gels, GelGreen is more sensitive than SYBR Safe and unlike SYBR dyes, which are known to be unstable, is hydrolytically and thermally stable.

GelGreen has a UV absorption between 250 nm and 300 nm and a strong absorption peak centred around 500 nm and is compatible with either a 254 nm UV transilluminator or a gel reader equipped with visible light excitation (such as a 488 nm laser-based gel scanner or a dark reader).

Benefits of using GelGreen
• Nonmutagenic - at concentrations relevant to nucleic acid gel staining
• Noncytotoxic - at concentrations relevant to nucleic acid gel staining
• Cell membrane impermeability for true safety
• Impenetrable to latex gloves
• Very photostable - use under normal room light
• Hydrolytically stable
• Microwaveable
• Unrivalled sensitivity
• Compatible with existing instruments
• Wide downstream DNA application compatibility

GelGreen is more sensitive than SYBR® Safe

Comparison of GelGreen and SYBR® Safe in post gel staining using one percent agarose gel in TBE buffer. Two-fold serial dilutions of 1 kb Plus DNA Ladder from Invitrogen were loaded onto each gel in four lanes in the amounts of 200 ng, 100 ng, 50 ng & 25 ng, respectively, from left to right.

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Material available for download
GelGreen® Protocol
GelGreen® MSDS
GelGreen® Safety Report
GelRed® & GelGreen® Flyer

GelGreen® citation list

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