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Stable Over-Expression with cDNA Lentivectors

Stable Over-Expression with cDNA Lentivectors

Cambridge Bioscience offers a range of lentiviral expression vectors for the effective delivery and stable expression of any cDNA in a wide range of mammalian cells. With a wide selection of promoter options available including CMV (Cytomegalovirus), MSCV (Murine Stem Cell Virus), UbC (Ubiquitin C), PGK (Phosphoglycerate Kinase) and EF1 (Elongation Factor 1α), deliver your cDNA construct of interest to both dividing and non-dividing cells.

Benefits of Using These cDNA Lentivectors
• Reliable delivery to dividing or non-dividing cells
• Biosafe
• Single, double and bidirectional promoters available
• GFP, RFP, Puro, Neo or Hygro options
• HIV or FIV-based

Gene Expression from Constitutive Promoters

1. Single Promoter Vectors
Characterised by the presence of a single mammalian promoter driving the gene on interest cloned into the MCS, either expressed by itself or co-expressed with a marker gene of interest (e.g. copGFP or Puro).
2. Dual Promoter Vectors
Characterised by the presence of two independent mammalian promoters, one driving the gene of interest cloned into the MCS & the other driving the expression of a marker (e.g. copGFP, Puro, or GFP-T2A-Puro). These vectors are typically used to assess transduction efficiency or generate stably selected cell lines independent of the gene of interest.
3. Bidirectional Promoter Vectors
We offer a synthetic bidirectional promoter with EF1 & PGK in a divergent configuration coordinating the regulation of two or more different transgenes. Coordinate dual expression of your gene of interest as well as various markers (GFP, RFP, Puro, etc.) without the use of IRES elements which have weak functions when co-expressing two cDNA.

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Custom Lentiviral Cloning Service

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Material Available for Download
pCDH cDNA Cloning & Expression Lentivectors Manual
pCDF cDNA Cloning & Expression Lentivectors Manual


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