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Total RNA Purification From Acid-Guanidinium-Phenol Reagents
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RNA Clean & Concentrator™ kits

RNA Clean & Concentrator™ kits

The RNA Clean & Concentrator™ range of kits from Zymo Researc provide efficient removal of RNA polymerases and other modifying enzymes as well as free NTPs and their analogues, clean-up and concentrate your RNA samples in as little as five minutes.

RNA Clean and Concentrator ™-5 Workflow Summary

Benefits of using the RNA Clean & Concentrator™ kits
• Rapid protocol and inhibitors in five minutes
• Elute in as little as six μl
• Recover greater than 90 percent of RNA
• High-throughput workflow compatible
• RNA compatible with many downstream applications including NGS, RT-qPCR and hybridisation

RNA clean up with the RCC™ kit gives ulta-pure RNA

RNA Clean Up With The RCC™ Kit Gives Ulta-Pure RNA

RNA was cleaned-up using the RCC™ kit and a Supplier Q kit (n=4). RNA purity (measured by A260/230) was greater than 1.8 for the RCC™ kit but not for the Supplier Q kit.

Kit selection
We provide kits containing columns for the purification of up to 5 μg, 25 μg and 100 μg quantities of RNA alongside a high-throughput 96-well plate based kit:

Cat. number
Binding capacity
Minimum elution
RNA Clean & Concentrator™-5
50 preps
200 preps
10 µg
6 µl
RNA Clean & Concentrator™-25
50 preps
100 preps
50 µg
25 µl
RNA Clean & Concentrator™-100
25 preps
250 µg
100 µl
ZR-96 RNA Clean & Concentrator™-5
2 x 96 preps
25 µg
10 µl

Free sample
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Material available for download
RNA Clean & Concentrator™-5 Protocol
RNA Clean & Concentrator™-25 Protocol
RNA Clean & Concentrator™-100 Protocol
ZR-96 RNA Clean & Concentrator™ Protocol


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