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Tagged ORF clones - TrueORF

Tagged ORF clones - TrueORF

The TrueORF collection of open reading frame (ORF) cDNA clones from OriGene Technologies are for overexpression of tagged human and mouse proteins in mammalian systems. Mammalian expression systems more closely model the post-translational modifications these proteins undergo within in vivo systems.


TrueORF features and benefits

1. Ready-to-use plasmid constructs
TrueORF clones are provided as transfection-ready, purified plasmids ready for use in expression studies. This is in contrast to many equivalent competitor products which are provided in glycerol stock, requiring researchers to first purify and verify the construct.

2. DDK or GFP tagged expression
All TrueORFs are available within either a Myc-DDK tagged or GFP tagged construct. These constructs offer the option of easy expression verification and visualisation or simple epitope tag based purification.

3. Comprehensive selection
We boast an expanding selection of over 25,000 human and 20,000 mouse ORF clones. Within this range we offer an increasing number of clones, which have been expression verified by Western Blot.

View application guide
To view an application guide, please click here.


TrueORF clone vectors

 Inserts are available in one of two mammalian expression vectors:

1. pCMV6-Entry (C-terminal Myc and DDK Tagged)


2. CMV6 AC-GFP (C-terminal tGFP tag)

Vector shuttling available
Inserts within these vectors can be easily shuttled by a simple 'cut-and-paste' mechanism into any of the Precision Shuttle Destination Vectors, offering a range of additional tags via 60 different destination vectors.

Destination vectors are available with:
• Epitope tags for protein purification detection
• Fluorescent protein tags for protein visualization
• Selectable markers for stable line establishment
E coli expression vectors
• Transfection-ready plasmid DNA for immediate us

PrecisionShuttle vector datasheet
To view further information regarding the PrecisionShuttle system, please click here.


Connecting you to the right clone
A small selection of our TrueORF portfolio can be found below. Please search the website or use our clone connector service to find your specific target.


Note: availability depends on country - see product detail page.

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