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Full Length cDNA Clones - TrueClone®

Full Length cDNA Clones - TrueClone®

Cambridge Bioscience offers over 30,000 full-length cDNA clones. Representing the most comprehensive commercially available collection of full length cDNA clones, our TrueClone® collection is ideal for over-expression of native proteins for functional studies.

Benefits of Using the TrueClone® cDNA Clones
Comprehensive coverage - Human (33,000), Mouse (25,000), Rat (15,000) & Virus (2300)
Cost-effective & time-saving alternative to de novo cloning
Transcripts from >98% of the human genome available
Authentic transcripts without PCR artefacts

TrueClone Vectors (Non-Tagged)
Most of the non-tagged cDNA clones are cloned in pCMV6-XL4, 5 & 6 vectors. The cDNA inserts are easily shuttled into pCMV6-Neo vector which contains a neomycin mammalian selection marker

Native protein over-experssion in mammalian cells
Subclone into expression vectors for tagged protein expression
**Learn how TrueORF® can help you skip the subcloning process Here**
Functional screening a large number of transfected cells for pathway elucidation (learn more)
Hybridisation probe for Southern, Northern and in situ hybridisation
Real-time PCR template standards

Connecting You To The Right Clone
To locate the right clone to suit your needs just search this site by gene name or keyword, or alternatively use our Clone Connector service


Note: availability depends on country - see product detail page.

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