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Pluripotency response reporters

Pluripotency response reporters

SBI offers a range of lentivector-based transciptional pluripotency response reporters. With Oct4 conserved enhancer (CR4) and Sox2 (SRR2) response reporters available, monitor ES and iPS cell pluripotency with ease and accuracy. Available as lentivector plasmids or as prepackaged lentiviral preparations for transduction of target cells, these response reporters feature both GFP and Luciferase for quantitative transactivation assays. Positive and negative transduction control plasmids and prepackaged viral particles are also available.

Sample GFP data for both the Oct 4 CR4 and Sox2 SSR2 response reporters in human iPS cells.

Material available for download
Reporters for stem cell research datasheet
Pluripotency reporters user manual


Note: availability depends on country - see product detail page.

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