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Cell-Based Protein Phosphorylation ELISAs

Cell Invasion Assays With No Manual Counting
Fast & Sensitive Prostaglandin E2 EIA

Highly effective & efficient in vitro delivery of Cas9 RNP for genome editing in challenging cells

Anti-Microbial Peptide ELISAs

Anti-Microbial Peptide ELISAs

Cambridge Bioscience offers a large collection of highly-validated ELISA kits to accurately quantify antimicrobial peptides and proteins in a variety of samples. With targets including calprotectin, LL-37 and MPO, these kits are compatible with serum, plasma, urine, sputum, joint fluid, bronchoalveolar fluid, cerebrospinal fluid, cell culture supernatant and breast milk. Moreover, every batch of these kits is only released with a pre-determined set of lot-specific components.

Benefits Of Using These ELISAs
• Wide sample compatibility
• Wide standard range
• Low detection level
• Great reliability & reproducibility
• Tested by two independent operators before batch release
• Validated using both diseased & healthy samples together with an external reference centre

Antimicrobial peptide ELISA

Material Available For Download
Antimicrobial Peptides Brochure


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