Cambridge Bioscience COVID-19 response

Response to COVID-19 Outbreak

Updated 23rd March 2020

Cambridge Bioscience is taking a proactive approach to manage this dynamic situation to minimise its potential impact on its staff and customers. Our current response to the situation is detailed below:

Create a cross-functional COVID-19 Response Team
We have created a team comprising cross-functional senior managers who are responsible for co-ordinating our response to the situation. This team meets frequently to review the current situation and to ensure that our response is appropriate.

Guiding principles
We are applying to following principles in our response:
-    Maintain the health of our staff and customers
-    Be responsible in helping to delay the impact of the outbreak on the wider community
-    Maintain the supply of goods to customers who need our products
-    Maintain the health of our business for the future

Minimising the risks
We are reviewing all our operations and taking steps to minimise the risks to our staff and customers. These measures include:
- Encouraging good personal hygiene
- Enhanced cleaning procedures
- Only a small group of our team have access to our building in order to undertake essential tasks necessary to ship products to researchers

Business continuity
We have assessed our business and identified those activities which are deemed Essential and those which are Discretionary. Our priority is to ensure resilience in the operation of our Essential activities. We exepct to be able to maintain our capability to continue shipping products, subject to their continuing availability from our suppliers.

Supply chain management
So far, we have seen only moderate disruption to the availability and supply of goods. Products that have been affected include:
- Coronavirus testing kits, where demand has depleted stocks on a global basis
- Products originating from regions that are under lockdown. 
- Most human biospecimen providers have ceased collection of fresh samples

Financial stress testing
We are currently confident that we would be able to continue to operate our service throughout an acute slowdown running to several months.

Future plans
Our COVID-19 Response Team will be monitoring other potential sources of disruption to our business on an ongoing basis.

Further information
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