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Brilliant Violet 605™ Antibodies

Brilliant Violet 605™ Antibodies

Brilliant Violet™ is a new family of novel fluorescent polymers. Developed by Sirigen1 from Nobel Prize-winning chemistry2 these fluorochromes are excitable with the violet laser at 405 nm and offer dramatic improvements in brightness and signal-to-noise ratio over the current choices for the violet laser.

Cambridge Bioscience offers a comprehensive range of antibodies conjugated to the new and novel Brilliant Violet 605™ from BioLegend that are revolutionizing multi-colour flow cytometry.

Brilliant Violet 605™
Brilliant Violet 605™ is a novel molecule based on the Brilliant Violet 421™ polymer core. It provides a much brighter alternative to eFluor® 605NC for multicolour flow on the violet laser and is a better alternative to nanocrystals for intracellular flow cytometry.

Features of Brilliant Violet 605™
Excitationmax: 405 nm
Emissionmax: 603 nm
Recommended Filter: 610/20
Comparable Fluorophores: Qdot® 605 & eFluor® 605NC
Brighter Alternative To: eFluor® 605NC for multicolour flow on the violet laser & nanocrystals for intracellular flow cytometry

Benefits of using the Brilliant Violet™ Antibodies
• Extremely bright
• Exceptionally photostable
Stable to fixation
• Effective for surface and intracellular antigens
No special disposal requirements
• Effective across a wide pH range
• No special buffers required
• Discrete excitation & emission
• Ideal for detecting rare cell populations and weakly expressed cell markers
• Ideal for sorting and live cell imaging

Brilliant Violet 605™ Comparison & Flyer
BV605 Table
Human whole blood cells were stained with anti-CD8 conjugated to BV605™, or eFluor® 605NC, and run on the BD™ LSR II flow cytometer. The stain index values indicated are derived at the optimal concentration for each conjugate.

To view the Brilliant Violet 605™ flyer (PDF), please Click Here

Cambridge Bioscience offers a large and ever expanding selection of antibodies conjugated to Brilliant Violet 605™. Please browse the selection below.

2. The Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 2000: A. Heeger, A.G. MacDiarmid, H. Shirakawa.
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