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General Cloning Kits

General Cloning Kits

Cambridge Bioscience offers a range of cloning kits for general cloning from Lucigen. All kits are provided with convenient, pre-processed vectors eliminating the need for digestion, gel purification, and dephosphorylation. The vectors contain transcription terminators flanking cloning site for transcription free cloning which stabilizes otherwise toxic inserts. Our kits are also provided with a choice of transformation efficiencies (choice of competent cells) and antibiotic resistance.

CloneSmart Kits use the pSMART Vectors which are qualified to produce 99.5% recombinant clones in typical experiments. The ultra-low background of empty vector (less than 0.5%) eliminates the need to (blue/white) screen for recombinants, and enables library construction from nanogram amounts of DNA.

The pEZSeq™ Cloning Kits contain the pEZSeq™ vector which is optimized for high efficiency blunt-end cloning and sequencing in a blue/white screening vector. It is the only commercial preparation of a blue/white screening vector that gives 99% recombinant colonies. pEZSeq is small (2,056 bp) and contains little non-essential sequence and has minimal sequence between the cloning site and the primer binding sites, resulting in up to 5-10% more insert sequence.


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