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Automated Cell Counter - EVE
Automated Cell Imaging System - JuLIStage

Automated Cell Counter - EVE™

Cambridge Bioscience offers an image based automated cell counter. Using an algorithm to identify and count clumped cells, EVE™ performs accurate counting and live/dead analysis in less than 20 seconds.

Benefits and Features of EVE™:
Fast & accurate counting
Samples counted in <20 seconds
Cell clump identification
Advanced algorithm identifies clumps and counts cells within them
User friendly interface
Intuitive software makes counting simple & can calculate dilutions
Broad cell range compatibility
Counts cells between 5 - 60 μm
Cell size gating
Set upper and lower gates simply
Image and data export
Export images as JPEG and data as CSV via USB
Low running costs
Less than 50p per count

Technical Specifications

EVE™ Cell Counting Slides In Stock!
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EVE™ Demonstration
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