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Over 7000 full length, purified, human proteins

Luminescent Stain for SDS-PAGE Protein Detection

Luminescent Stain for SDS-PAGE Protein Detection

Cambridge Bioscience offers Lumitein™, a luminescent stain for SDS-PAGE protein detection, from Biotium. Lumitein™ is the only protein gel stain that combines superior sensitivity, staining speed, ease of use and compatibility.

Comparison to Coomassie & Silver Stain Dyes
Lumitein™ is an ideal alternative to Coomassie and silver stain dyes. Lumitein™ boasts sensitivity equal to or better than silver stains detecting 1ng of protein or less, has a wider detection range and is at a price comparable to Coomassie-based stains.
Lumitein vs CoomassieBenefits of Using Lumitein™
• High Sensitivity
- Sensitivity far greater than Coomassie Blue
- Sensitivity equal to or better than silver stain
- Detecting as little as 1ng protein.
One Step Fixation & Staining
Fixation and staining are integrated into a single step and no de-staining is required
- Choice between a rapid 30 minute and ultra-sensitive 90 minute staining protocols.
Compatibility with Existing Instruments
- Compatible with simple UV-boxes (designed for DNA gel viewing), Dark Readers, or high-end laser scanner.
- Available as a 100X concentrated solution to reduce manufacturing cost and shipping cost, resulting in excellent value.
High Stability
- The 100X concentrated solution and the 1X working solution are stable at room temperature for at least 1 year

Lumitein™ uses a simple protocol staining proteins in gels in 90 minutes or less, requiring only a single rinse without a separate fixation step and eliminating de-staining steps. Additionally the stain provides both the option for rapid detection or ultra-sensitivity and is compatible with downstream protocols such as mass spectrometry & Edman sequencing.

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