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Apolipoprotein AI ELISA Kit

Apolipoprotein AI ELISA Kit

Apolipoprotein AI (ApoAI) is one of the exchangeable apolipoproteins. ApoAI is a single polypeptide chain consisting of 223 amino acid residues and comprises approximately 70% of the protein moiety in HDL. ApoAI activates lecithin-chlesterol (LCAT) acyltransferase, which is responsible for cholesterol esterification in plasma.

Cambridge Bioscience offer an ApoAI ELISA kit for the detection and quantification of ApoAI. The kit is suitable for use with plasma, serum and other biological fluids and is provided with specialised protocols for sample collection and processing.

Benefits & Features of Using this ApoAI Assay Kit
• High sensitivity
• Low detection limit - 50pg/ml
• Broad sample compatibility - Plasma, serum & other biological samples


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